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Sunday, 6 March 2011

A spoonful of rings...

Excuse the rubbish title of this post - couldn't think of anything else!

I love rings - at the moment I'm loving big chunky ones, and when I saw these on etsy, I had to get them.

Rings - made from spoons!

I think this one's my favourite...

I got these from this shop. They're stainless steel [so very hardwearing] and cost me under £10 for 5. But I was also sent this - a ring made out of a fork - interesting!

I like how each one I was sent has a different design. I may not keep these all for myself, some may be given as gifts at some point.


  1. Those are really pretty and very unusual. You can be sure that when you wear them, not too many other people are!

    Might take a little look into that shop... I'm very tempted to get some myself.

    Are they easily adjusted because I have fat fingers :P

    Sarah xx

  2. Ooh I like those! May have to take a look at that Etsy shop too :D