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Monday, 7 February 2011

Maltesers Cupcakes

Inspired by Lucy's post, I decided to bake some malteser cupcakes this morning.

Now, the recipe says it makes 12 cupcakes - I ended up with double this! I find this happens a lot when I bake - does anyone else?

I made Malteser buttercream [vanilla buttercream but with a bit of horlicks added] and piped this...I don't think I've ever piped icing before, we have one of those plastic ones, so I used that. Some of them didn't come out too well, but most of them don't look too bad!

I topped some with whole maltesers, and some with crushed maltesers.

I think I want to bake something else later this week [I'm going through a stage where I just want to bake, bake, bake] but not entirely sure what I will make yet. I did think about maybe making the vanilla layer cake again, but adding a different layer inside [raspberry jam maybe, mmm] - but I am open to suggestions - does anyone have any good recipes?


  1. I'm sure I left a comment on here before! Why hasn't it shown up :( How was the buttercream with the horlicks in it? I really want to try that next time! x

  2. The cakes look really nice. think I will have to make them now,
    BeckyDe (Folksy)

  3. Oohh they look lovely! You gave me the urge to bake!

    When Mike's been extra nice (ie done the cleaning) he gets a Maltesers cake and adores it :] x

  4. Wow! They look lovely! The tutorial is cool! M x

  5. Aaaah Malteser cupcakes! They look so lovely, might have to bake those next weekend (: I made Nutella marble cupcakes over the weekend, so good! xxx

  6. They look gorgeous - are the cupcakes plain or choc ? Yum yum, Whatever they are !

  7. I'm liking your new-look blog and those malteaser cakes look yummy! I could just eat one!