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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A lovely couple of days.

I've had a lovely couple of days with my lovely boyfriend! Hope this post isn't too soppy for you.

Now, I know Valentine's is very much commercialised, but we still partake in the exchanging of cards and pressies. I do believe that you should show your love for each other every day [which we do] but it's still nice getting gifts, right? Haha. :)

Ben had never bought me flowers - until yesterday, that is. I think the hints worked!

He also gave me a cute Me To You teddy, a bottle of my favourite wine, some sweets [most have already been consumed] and a chocolate rose.

I got him a giant chocolate slab from Hotel Chocolat and a ps3 game...blokey stuff.

We went out for lunch at Frankie & Bennys ['our restaraunt' - it's the name!] and to the cinema to see Paul, which we enjoyed. I don't believe in making the man pay for everything, so I paid for the cinema tickets and Ben paid for the meal.

Today was Ben's birthday. I made him a big chocolate cake, which went down very well.

I took him to Planet Hollywood for lunch. We had the best meal there when we were in New York - so thought we'd try it London-style. Although the food wasn't as good as it was in NYC [we didn't have high hopes on this] it was still yummy!

So, back to reality man is back at work, and I'm back at the old job hunt/chasing down a potential job...will need to get myself down the gym tomorrow too - burn off all the rubbish I've eaten over the past few days! But I'm looking forward to a good catch up at nando's with one of my besties tomorrow evening :)


  1. Oh I don't get flowers from my BF. Apparently they're "a waste of money" because "They just die" ... He also got me a birthday card instead of a valentines card because "he knew it was an important day, but couldn't remember what for, so he thought he'd take a chance on my Birthday." He thought this was hilarious... men! Or, should I say boys, because they don't ever grow up do they?

  2. Gorgeous flowers! Thats my favourite wine too!!

  3. haha frankie and bennys thats so cool! what lovely flowers :) happy (belated) bday to the bf!

    Emma x