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Sunday, 13 February 2011

A cheeky little spend.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! Mine has been good :)
I babysat yesterday - took the kids to see Gnomeo & Juliet at the cinema. It was ok, but only had a few funny bits. We got VIP seats - just over £40 for the 4 of us [me and 3 kids], which I think is ridiculous. You only get a tiny bit of extra comfort! But oh well, their Dad paid, so I can't complain! He gave me £40 for the 5 hours I babysat - that'll pay for my boyfriend's birthday meal on Tuesday. Taking him to Planet Hollywood!

Today, my boyfriend and I went to meet his friend in Kingston. Chris is getting married in May and Ben's his Best Man, so they had to get their suits sorted. Whilst they did that I went to Primark! I only got a few things, there wasn't that much there that caught my eye.

Pretty tan belt with lace detail.
I love this skirt - I got it from h&m end of last year;also got my friend one for Christmas, but turned out she already had it - I know her taste too well!
I love this headband - it's got wire inside, so you can twist it etc the way you want - lovely! And only £1.50!

I also bought another belt - a black one - and some pyjamas. Simple things! All my purchases came to £9.50 :)

I also ordered quite a few supplies on Thursday, and they all arrived yesterday - it was like Christmas! I've now made a start on a new bracelet...

[awful chipped nails - repainting them later!]

I'm looking forward to finishing it and putting it up in my shop.

Bit of a random post!



  1. ooh I love bargain shopping ... you got some lovely bits x
    Maria x

  2. hey lady! thanks for you comment, thought i was already following you - am now anyways. your making skills always impress me! i really want one of those wire headbands too xx

  3. ahh a lovely day out! Your headband is very nice indeed :] x