Trinket Box

Monday, 9 August 2010

New items...and a code for a free graze box!

After a good few sales over the last couple of weeks [woohoo], I've been in desperate need to stock my shop. This isn't helped by the fact that I've given myself a ban on spending money on supplies this month - currently trying to sort my finances out a bit. But I have made do, and here's a few of my latest items.

Heart & Bow

Turquoise Pop

Sweet Violet Flower

Textured Flowers

Double Heart pendant

All these items [and more!] can be found in my shop.

If you follow me on twitter you may have noticed me dishing out a code to get a free graze box delivered to your door. I've been getting the boxes from graze for the past few weeks, and I'm ever so slightly hooked! You rate the food, and they send you what you like/want to try! It's really easy, and the snacks are yummy too. If you want to try a box for free, go to and use the code 6QL8WVH3.



  1. Someone at work gave me one of these codes for free graze box have ordered mine just waiting for it to come now, hope it taste good!! Love the jewellery by the way.

  2. The double heart pendant is interesting, looks a bit different to your usual style. I used your code for a graze box the other day and I'm expecting it to arrive tomorrow, can't wait! :)

  3. Beautiful designs! Did you learn your skills through classes or by trial and error?

    Lou x -

  4. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..