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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Exciting news.

I have some exciting news. Trinket Box jewellery is going to be stocked in a new shop in York! It's called The Gift Gallery and will be stocking all things handmade from the UK and Ireland.
I'm excited, but a little nervous - the usual worries, like what if people don't like my stuff etc etc. BUT I couldn't let this opportunity slip, so have bitten the bullet and gone for it! I can only try, can't I?
I'm sorting out the pieces I'm sending, and will be posting them off this week. The shop opens mid September - just in time for when people start their Christmas shopping...well, if you're super organized like me you do!

I've got this week off work, which is lovely, although I'm not doing much as I don't have the money! Just relaxing at home and going to the gym mainly. My boyfriend has Friday off though, so we're going to go to Windsor. I want to go to h&m and Zara. I haven't bought any clothes this month, I need a [cheap] fix!
One thing I did do yesterday is make some sweet fine silver heart studs:

Textured with some pretty lace. I decided to oxidize them today, as I love the lace texture with the patina. As I was making them, I debated over whether to put them up in my shop, give them to my friend for her birthday or keep them for myself! Well I'm going to keep them for myself, as I rarely make myself anything. I'll just have to find my friend something else ;)

One more thing. I'm now an Ambassador for Eyeko, the gorgeous make up brand, and have my own special code - E10573 - use this to get a free gift with your order!



  1. Hope you do well at the Gift Gallery and those earrings are lovely.

  2. Congratulations on your new stockist! Will your Folksy shop be empty now you're sending off lots of goodies for the shop? I imagine you've got loads more making to do now, have fun! :)

  3. Ooh, me too! I was wondering who else was in the shop. I'm sending my bits off this week too. Good luck! Vic x

  4. Congrats on the "Gift Gallery" - you'll do really well. Elaine

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