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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas presents? Go handmade!

It's been a fairly good week or so for sales over at Trinket Box - perhaps it's because it's the run up to Christmas and everyone is rushing around getting bits. It's a lovely feeling, though!


Erinite and Bali leaf pendant

Bows and twists bracelet

Iolite and stacked Quartz pendant

Sweet Violet pendant

Excitement for Christmas is gradually building! I'm pretty much sorted for presents. I was hoping to buy a lot of handmade things, but I didn't get as much as I'd hoped. I bought this memory stick for my Dad, and I've made my Auntie and cousin a pair of earrings each and my friend a bracelet and pair of earrings. I ordered some wooden and metal beads last night so I can make something for my boyfriend. I've also made a friend a jewellery kit - she's recently started making jewellery, after I egged her on - which has all the beads, wire and instructions to make some earrings! I asked my Mum if she wanted me to get her this lovely ceramic ring vase I'd seen, but she simply shrugged her shoulders and said she'd prefer a DS game!

Oh, oh. Before I scoot off. I got these gorgeous Christmas puds the other day.

You can find more here


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