Trinket Box

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Trinket Box Supplies

I decided to open up a supply shop on folksy. Just a place to sell any of the beads etc I don't use. You can find it here - I've sold a few items already, so it's looking a bit empty at the moment but will gradually add more things. I'm selling things for cheap, so you may find a bargain!

Just one new item in my shop this week.

Topaz, Garnet and Quartz earrings

Hope you all had a good weekend! It was over far too quickly, as usual. On Saturday my boyfriend and I went Christmas shopping [although I spent more on myself than I did on others - see below] and I went to see New Moon with my friend. Then on Sunday me and the boyfriend had a chilled out morning, drinking tea and making cakes. Then we randomly decided to go see A Christmas Carol in the afternoon! December is not far off, which means I get to open the first door of my advent calendar soon. Yes, I'm 24 years old, but this excites me.

I love Primark and their bargains!

I adore florals and this bag and purse are sooo pretty.

I already have a grey dress, which I love, and wanted another one - something simple, which can be dressed down for daytime, or up for the evening. I loved this the moment I saw it - and at £9, you can't go wrong.

Just had my tenth sale on folksy - my lampwork and glass beady bracelet. I've just packaged it all up and made it pretty with a bow. I do enjoy the simplest of things.

I'll leave it there...I think this is the longest blog post I've ever done! xx


  1. congrats on your sales ... I am not surprised they sold ... your jewellery is beautiful x

    So is your advent calender a chocolate one?

  2. I don't know where time goes! Sounds like you had a fab weekend (got any cake left?!) Congrats on your tenth sale - very well deserved too!

    Mmm chocolate advent calenders - yummy xxx

  3. scarletbutterfly - Of course! I've got a lindt one. Bit expensive but it's worth it :)

    theothermousie - I think there are 3 left! *sends one over* They're decorated with green edible glitter :)


  4. Love the bag and the dress is awesome that also a primark bargain? not that I'm going to run there immediately and get myself one too ;)

  5. Love your new earrings trinket....... Garnet is my favourite gemstone (along with tiger eye, lapis lazuli, amethsyt, ahh the list goes on!)