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Sunday, 26 July 2009

First stall.

I'm doing my first ever jewellery stall at the end of August, so I've started making a few bits for it. I'm trying to do a wide selection of things, and I'm also thinking of doing some kids jewellery - slightly cheaper bits which can be paid for with their pocket money! Any tips would be great anyway, really want this to be a success.

I'll share a few items with you now.

It's clear to see that I'm totally loving labradorite at the moment. And I think it looks great with green swarovski crystals.

I went to the bead shops in Covent Garden yesterday - stopping off at the amazing Candy Cakes, too, of course. I managed to spend over £50, on beads and findings. All for a good cause, though!


  1. Great pieces so far. I think pocket-money pieces would be really popular, you could dedicate a whole section on your display to them. I know that my 4 year old would love the wire ring! Looking forward to reading more about the build up to your first fair!

  2. The pieces so far look great:) Would it be a lot of work on the day to offer plain silver bracelets and a selection of charms which the kids could pick themselves, although it would mean you adding the charm to the bracelet there and then.

    What about little beaded zipper pulls or pencil toppers (not even sure how to make pencil toppers) but they could be smaller items that kids would buy with pocket money especially with starting school in mind.

  3. Your pieces look amazing - I know nothing about jewellery, but I think having some for younger buyers is a great idea, whenever I do craft fairs I'm always amazed by the amount of children with cash to spend! Good luck - let us know how you get on xx

  4. Good luck. As yourself and others have said, have a selection of price ranges. Your pieces are beautiful, I'm sure you'll do well.

  5. Hi!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog:)
    Your jewellery is very pretty, good luck with your fair.