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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Nails - Watermelon

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I love these fruity nails. I've wanted to do them for so long, but didn't have the right shades of green for the job. The other day I was shopping with a friend when I spied the 'Sinful Colors' collection in boots. The nail polishes are only £1.99 each so I grabbed a couple in the shades of green I needed. I think these nails are so cute - and it seemed I wasn't the only one! People on my photography course at the weekend were taking photos of them and all!

Nail polishes I used - Models Own Raspberry Crush and Utopia and Sinful Colors Exotic Green and Pistache. The watermelon seeds were drawn on using my barry m nail art pen.

What fruity nail art have you created? Link me up, would love to see it!


  1. So pretty, I'm definitely going to have a go, though mine won't look nearly as good :-)

  2. I LOVE these! :)
    I'm definitely going to give these a go!

  3. This is so pretty! I wanted to do watermelon nails a couple weeks ago but ended up doing strawberry ones instead, I'll have to try this next!

  4. Love these! enjoying the summery food nails of late :)

  5. Those nails are so much fun! I don't know if I'd ever have a steady enough hand to do it myself though.

  6. These are fab! I'd love to have a steady enough hand and patience to do nail art like this! x

    The Little Things