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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Weekend catchup.

Back in the swing of things with work etc! Hardly feels like I've been on holiday - think I need another one!

Have had a lovely weekend. My parents have been away visiting friends so my bro and I have had a free house. Rob went out last night so that my boyfriend and I could have a cosy night in. We had been planning on cooking a roast together for a while - we had meant to do it back in May, whilst my parents [and bro] were on holiday, but then my parents had to cancel their plans [really rubbish but my Dad's health is more important] so we had to scrap it. Finally got round to it last night - only I ended up cooking it all. I guess I just get annoyed with others getting involved with my cooking, haha. Ben really enjoyed it though, and the chocolate cake I made for afters, which I'd tweeted a pic of earlier in the day.

Have made quite a few new pieces of jewellery for my shop - getting desperate for my new camera to arrive so I can photograph and list them!

Monday again tomorrow. But another three day week! It's my birthday on Thursday [26!], so the boyfriend and I booked that day and Friday off for a nice long weekend. Not sure what we're doing Thursday yet, but definitely going to see Harry Potter on Friday :)

Would absolutely love to be presented with something like this on my birthday.


What's everyone been up to this weekend?


  1. Happy Birthday for later this week :) that cake is adorable xx

  2. Happy birthday for thursday! Amazing cake! Id love that on my b'day too!

  3. Gorgeous cake! Happy birthday for Today!
    Julia @ Retro Jules

  4. The chocolate cake you made looks gorgeous, definitely making me hungry! The Tiffany's cake is also beautiful, hope you did get presented with one today! ;D. Happy birthday, hope you are having a lovely day!