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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Summer buys.

As my holiday is just a couple of weeks away [yay!], I have been purchasing some bits to pack in my suitcase. Thought I would share some of them!

Cute little bag from Primark - £6! Perfect for carrying around the essentials - sunglasses, suncream etc. Plus I love the floral lining! I nabbed the last one in the shop.

I love Primark's £5 summer dresses - cheap & cheerful! I've bought a few of these, but this is the one I purchased most recently. I get a lot of my summer stuff from Primark - then if it gets ruined on the beach it doesn't matter much as it only cost a couple of quid!

I adore this's from h&m and I think it was £19.99. They had a lovely top in this fabric too - had to hold back from buying that as well, I think it's such a pretty print.

I love these criss cross sandals - £6 from Tesco! They have them in other colours too, but I opted for these as they'll go more with the colours I wear, plus I love minty blues!

And finally, these cute espadrilles from h&m - £6.99 :) I first saw these on the website and almost bought them. Kinda regretted not buying them, but when I was in my local store the other day I saw they only had one pair left and luckily they were a size 5!

Are you going on holiday this year? What have been your best summer buys?

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  1. h and m dress is darling, and i agree love the cute primark fiver dresses, hope they continue it :) xxxx

  2. oh I love it all ... especially the bag ... may have to pop into Primark!
    Have a great holiday
    Maria x

  3. Love that bag, have been eyeing it up for a while now.

    Helen, X

  4. Lovely buys! That bag is really cute, and all of these things are so perfect for a holida, I'm very jealous :) xxx

  5. definitely going to keep an eye out for that bag! love the lining <3

  6. The bag is gorgeous - the lining is pretty! Lovely x