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Monday, 9 May 2011

Weekend in pictures.

Just little snippets of my weekend.

1. New earrings in the shop.
2. Ordered new business cards from moo, which arrived on Saturday. I also got a new book of stickers - love using them when packaging up my jewellery.
3. I still have loads of chocolate left from easter. So I was going through these whilst watching [and sobbing to] The Vampire Diaries.
4. Chunky rings which I bought from h&m. They came in pairs - couldn't decide which colour scheme I wanted, so went for both. Seemed like the right thing to do...
5. I've started using this, in the hopes that it'll prepare me for when I go to Portugal next month!
6&7. I had a jewellery class on Sunday, where I learnt the technique of fingerprint jewellery & photopolymer plates with art clay silver. The first photo is of the piece I made using the photopolymer plate method, the second is obviously the fingerprint piece. I'm thinking of setting up a custom order for fingerprint pendants in my shop, so that might be something that'll be happening soon.
8. Went out for my friend's leaving do, and wore the new dress I bought a few weeks ago.


  1. Nice random selection of photos (-;

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    Thank you for your comment about my tea cup brooches and yes they are going to be for sale in my etsy shop. I am hoping to add these and a load of other things in the coming weeks so hopefully going to have a lot more items :-)

    Which one is your favourite?

    Stephie :-)

  3. I ate nearly a whole bag of Caramel eggs yesterday, it was not a good day for me!!!

  4. I love the rings you got! I'm a sucker for just buying both options when I cant decide on a colour, ahaha.