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Friday, 28 January 2011

Raspberry Cupcakes

Another recipe from my Primrose Bakery book.

These turned out well, and I love the little 'surprise' bit of jam in the centre. Although the buttercream is a little too sickly sweet for my liking - and I have a sweet tooth! I left some cakes un-iced though, for people who aren't keen on buttercream as I know it's not to everyone's tastes.

Oh, and I topped them with jellybeans instead of raspberries as I didn't have any!

Had to post this quickly, as I'm off to the cinema with the boyfriend soon - we're going to see Tangled, hopefully it will be as good as it looks!

Have a lovely weekend. xx


  1. Ooh they look totally yummy

  2. Mmm they look amazing. Love the little jellybean (is it?) on the top, nice touch x

    Ps. You have a wonderful little blog :)