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Friday, 19 November 2010


I lost my job this week. It wasn't on bad terms at all, just very sudden. Today was my last day - I have been given a months notice, but it's been agreed that I won't work it so that I can have more time to find something new. I'm still going to see the kids every so often as I will babysit for them, and my boss' fiance wants me to keep in contact with her. I think we're going to go for lunch and shopping one day!

I'm not particularly upset that I've been let go. I've actually been wanting to leave for a while now;I guess this has just given me the kick up the bum that I need!

So, I'm making some changes. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do next - perhaps if I'd have been given time to get round to the idea I'd be feeling a bit more organized! It's just happened very quickly.
I'm having two wisdom teeth taken out on Monday, so I probably won't start looking until a couple of days after that, when I'm feeling more normal! I'll probably apply to some agencies and see where that takes me.

Another thing I'm going to concentrate on is my shop. I have over a month to find a new job, but this will also give me time to work on my jewellery. I had a great offer yesterday - one of the mums at the kids' school has her own hairdressers and has offered me a display in her shop. We've exchanged numbers and she's asked me to give her a call soon.

I got given a £50 giftcard for h&m as my leaving pressie. I'm sure I'll have fun spending some of that this weekend!

Have a lovely weekend everyone xx


  1. Good luck changing direction, hope you find something you enjoy. Hope having your wisdom teeth out goes ok too!

  2. Good luck with the job hunting and the new shop opportunities. It's easy to get stuck in a rut, so maybe this is your chance to refocus.

    Hope you enjoyed your shopping trip :-)

  3. How lovely of them to get you a leaving present too! :)
    I'm sure this will be the change you need x

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