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Friday, 23 July 2010

Green Monster

I'd been wanting to try out the Green Monster smoothie for a while. If you don't have a clue what I'm talking about, it's a smoothie made from spinach [yes, spinach!], milk and banana. There are a range of recipes here, but I used the Virgin Green Monster:

2 cups of spinach
1 cup of skimmed milk
1 banana

I whizzed it all up in the blender and this is what came out...


But it's actually pretty good! As a vegetarian, I need to make sure I get plenty of iron, but I really don't like spinach on its own - the great thing is, you can barely taste it in this! It just tastes like banana. This is also meant to increase your energy and decrease cravings for sweet things!

I'll definitely be making it again.



  1. Ohh, you're brave - that's very very green! Sounds like it's very good for you though :) sarah x

  2. Oooh errr, I'm not sure it looks very yummy!! I like banana, milk, yogurt and honey. mmmmhhh!

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