Trinket Box

Saturday, 5 June 2010

My new creative space.

A few weeks ago, I shifted the futon I had out of my room. This weekend I finally got round to filling the space I'd created - getting a spanking new desk! This will be where I will be making most of my jewellery from now on, although I will also keep my laptop here too.

My boyfriend kindly put it together for me - with a tiny bit of help from moi! I bought him lunch today to say thank you.

Nice and tidy for now...but I somehow expect this time next week it'll be a mess! I need to learn to tidy as I go;advice I keep telling myself but never following.

I also moved my cute little radio to sit on my desk.

Have had quite a good weekend - went way too quickly as usual though. My boyfriend and I met a friend for lunch today, and popped into Primark for a cheeky little spend. I bought a few bits for Summer.

The bow at the back is one of the reasons I bought this :) That, and the lovely print! There was another floral dress in this style which I really wanted, but there wasn't any in my size left :(

Love the colour of this dress. It says pink on the label, but it looks more like peach to me. I will probably sew some straps on as I'm not that keen on strapless dresses.

I also got a few vest tops and a cherry printed umbrella [which'll probably break after 5 minutes seeing as it was £3 and 'super light'.]

Hope you've all had a really lovely weekend! xx


  1. Primark is evil.. It makes you spend way to much money lol.. I like your new space. It looks very neat and tidy, unlike mine which is all over the house in my favourite places lol.. Anyhoo how can you be creative in tidyness..

    Have a great week xx

  2. Such pretty dresses! I'm desperate for some desk space but my bf's office takes up our only spare room, so will have to wait for a house move before I get it! Boo. :)

  3. I have got that dress!! Its fab isnt it!! :-)
    p.s. I want that radio!!! Where is it from?? xx