Trinket Box

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

New jewellery and a new shop!

So I've not blogged for a while. Not really sure why. I don't think I've had much to write about! Not that I even have much to say now, but I thought it was about time.

Here's a few new things in my shop:

Floral Rose earrings

Heart in a Flower pendant

Blue Moon pendant

I also listed this today:

Flower pendant - with Iolite

I've now set up a shop on facebook, so you can buy directly from me on there simply using your facebook and paypal account. You can find the shop on my fanpage here.

Also, my Hearts Entwined pendant has been featured in a newsletter here.

I've missed a couple of weeks of folksy friday - I will try my best to do one this week!



  1. Loving your new pieces, especially photographed on the leaf paper. Good luck with the facebook shop, I didnt know you could do that. Hope it goes well! x

  2. I took a short break from blogging too, haha. Loving the new pieces... I definitely want to order something but I don't think I can afford it right now! I'll be back in Oman over the summer though, do you think you'd be able to ship something to me there? xx

  3. Great pieces, Loving the Blue Moon Pendant.