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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Hearts Entwined pendant

The weather's been so nice this weekend. So nice that we had our first bbq of the year yesterday! I hope this good weather continues.
I've had quite a lazy weekend. Went out for lunch today - we were meant to be going to Wagamama, but ended up at a bar by the river. That was a little annoying as I've never been to Wagamama and was looking forward to trying it out - will go another time though. I bought a couple of bits in Primark whilst we were out - mint green flats and a navy lace blazer/jacket [which I bet everyone's got, but I love it].

I also managed to finish off a pendant I've been working on. I called this 'Hearts Entwined' - my Mum's idea. I really didn't know what else to call it! I'm pretty pleased with this. I just love the little textured heart in the centre.

You can find this in my shop here.



  1. Wow, I like that one. Pretty and cute. regards Stefanie

  2. I sat outside in the garden all day yesterday, its been lovely hasn't it! I actually caught the sun! Loving your new pendant, the photos really show it off x x

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