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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Fine silver pretties.

Well, my boyfriend and I should be in New York right now - however, due to the disruption the volcano in Iceland caused, our flight was cancelled :( After many phonecalls to Expedia we re-booked our holiday. I'm trying not to get too excited this time though.

Got a couple of new pretties to share!

Amazonite & Moonstone bracelet - with fine silver star charm.
Find this in my shop here.

I called these 'Textured Cushions'.
They can be found here

Please let me know what you think.



  1. They're lovely! I'm sorry your flights were cancelled.

  2. These are gorgeous! I love the texture on the star and the Amazonite and Moonstone make a lovely pairing. x

  3. Its a shame you holiday got cancelled but nice that you made such pretty things, enjoy NY x

  4. nice! i really like the colour of the stones youve used. very prettty

  5. Sorry about NY :( I know how excited you were.
    Pretty jewellery as ever, particularly the first x

  6. They are really pretty. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan for your next one!

  7. I love love love those earrings! I think I'l definitely make a purchase from your shop after I get back from travelling and all this volcano fuss is over. x

  8. The lacy background really compliments these pieces. Sorry your flight was cancelled :( when have you re booked for? x

  9. Lovely jewellery, the earrings especially.
    Have fun in New York (when you finally get there!) and don't forget to visit the bead shops!