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Monday, 1 March 2010

New earrings - Garnet and Moonstone

Garnet earrings

Moonstone earrings

I'm really loving oxidizing at the moment, loving the antique look. I was going to oxidize the moonstone earrings, but I decided not to as I think they look really pretty as they are. Both these earrings are available in my shop now.

I am so desperate for more art clay. I've got ideas I want to use. But I've promised myself that I will wait until I've made some more sales and have enough money in my paypal account.

There's still a couple of sale items left on the second page of my shop. One is ending tomorrow. I will probably start reducing more items soon.

Ooh, just remembered. I listed this the other day too.

Night Sky pendant



  1. your photos are stunning ... love them :) ... and those garnet earrings ... I do like dark red!

    Maria x

  2. Beautiful jewellery. I think the garnets look just right with the oxidised silver.
    Tracy x

  3. Love those moonstone earrings - so pretty!