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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Beautiful Amazonite

I got the most beautiful Amazonite large faceted nuggets in the mail last week.

Natural Russian Amazonite, unique blue-green in colour with streaks of white, grey and black.

I've not been buying so many supplies lately, but I couldn't resist these. Now I just need to think about what to make with them. I think one would look lovely as a focal on a bracelet.

Not so many makes from me lately. Lack of supplies means I can't make much at the moment :( But I've just been paid so I need to work out what I need for NY and then [hopefully] allow myself a small amount of money to buy some supplies. My boss also owes me money as it turns out I've been short of about a tenner in my wages since my pay changed last April!!! Stupid me only just realising but I suppose it's kinda a good thing as I've been saving some money without realising.

Had to share this with you. I spotted it on mollimoo's blog.

The quick little Bunny by Elsie Marley. Tutorial here. So cute. Think I might have to make one!


  1. I love amazonite too! I've got 2 necklaces ready to photograph and list in my shop.
    The bunny looks cute, would be good with embroidered eyes and nose.

  2. Gorgeous amazonite, Sophie. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Lisa xoxo

  3. That little bunny is so adorable! Those stones are such gorgeous colours too, just one would make for a fabulous bracelet. xx