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Saturday, 20 March 2010

100 followers = a giveaway!

I've now hit over 100 followers, so to celebrate [and to thank you], I've decided to do a giveaway!

Fancy winning a bracelet, handmade using sterling silver, moonstone, vibrant green freshwater pearls and the most beautiful Peruvian Opal?

The bracelet fastens with an 'S' clasp, and is approximately 7 inches long - if the winner needs it to be any smaller/bigger I am more than happy to shorten it/make it longer.

All you need to do to enter is go to my shop and leave a comment here, telling me which item in my shop is your favourite.

Giveaway closes Sunday 28th March. Good luck!



  1. Lovely bracelet and lovely giveaway!!

    My favourite item in your shop is the hammered pendant, absolutely stunning!

  2. Lovely bracelet. My favourite item is the
    Iolite and stacked Quartz pendant - spotted this when you first listed it and have been eyeing it up ever since. Love Iolite.

  3. My favourite is the Vintage Flower Pendant although it took me ages to decide!

    Fab giveaway! Dottie x

  4. I love the giveaway bracelet
    My fav in your shop is these moonstone earrings

  5. Well done on 100 followers! :)
    Love your giveaway bracelet and my favourite item in your shop is the Green Amethyst pendant x x

  6. Gorgeous bracelet. My favourite item in your shop is the Vintage Flower Pendant.


  7. Oh fab giveaway Sophie. For me my fav are the garnet earrings, love the contrast with the oxidised silver.

  8. congrats on your growing number of followers! you're at 108 now - that's amazing!

    i would like to enter your giveaway - that bracelet is lovely! my favourite item in your shop is the vintage flower pendant - what a sweet little piece!

  9. My fav item in your shop are the moonstone earrings but it was a hard choice between them and the garnet ones.

    Gorgeous giveaway!

  10. Congrats on reaching 100. The giveaway bracelet is gorgeous. My fav item from your shop is the textured flower pendant

  11. Well done with all your followers.
    My favourite item in your shop is the Vintage Flower Pendant. I love the combination you've done of the Amethsyt and Peridot, my favourite colours!
    Tracy x

  12. Vintage flower pendant is my fav, your giveaway bracelet is lovely...i've never seen a stone like that before...

    well done on reaching 100
    marice x

  13. I love the green amethyst pendant in your shop, such a simple design, but absolutely stunning! Well done on reaching 100. Zoe x

  14. Hi - Well done on hitting the 100 followers mark...and counting! I really love the textured flower pendent in your shop! Lush! x

  15. Your newly listed pink floral earrings are my fave - i love pink and i love floral patterns! Congrats on 100 followers :)

  16. i love the vintage flower pendant!

  17. Aw Phee I love how successful you've become! Once I get a little extra cash I'm definitely going to purchase something from you. Don't know if you'd ship abroad but either way, the Night Sky pendant is probably my favourite thing in your store, it's such a beautiful colour xx

  18. All your creations are gorgeous, but I like your
    Textured flower pendant - with Iolite and Quartz best. Beautiful, simple, elegant.

    So glad I discovered you! Greetings from Frankfurt am Main, Germany,