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Friday, 11 September 2009

Bead buying ban!

The Big Bead Show '09 - so, who's going??! I am! :D And really looking forward to it - obviously.

So yeah, I've Kinda told myself no buying any more beads until October 17th - no doubt I will then go mad and have a huge splurge. I paid for my Mum's ticket, so I'm hoping she will buy me things ;) I think I will be able to resist temptation!

So I did my last little bead shop on Etsy the other night - a gemstone rondelle mix, mauve freshwater pearls and irish green freshwater pearls. Got them in a sale so they were all a bargain.

Just a couple of new items in my shop.

Green Amethyst Pendant. I just love the colour of Green Amethyst! Such a gorgeous shade.

Wire wrapped pendant - with Iolite and blue Chalcedony

Thanks for stopping by :) x

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  1. your new designs are BEAUTIFUL xx October 17th is a long time to wait .... good luck ;)